A top-of-funnel corporate customer experience

Collection of designs

Year 2021/2022

Role Senior Product Designer

Duration 4 months

My goal is to understand what people need and deliver highly innovative designs and a user experience that meets your business goals. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore.

Xe.com is a online foreign exchange tools and services company. It is best known for its online currency converter application offers exchange rate information, international money transfers, and other currency-related services via its website, mobile apps, and other online channels.

Independent ranking site Alexa ranked Xe in the top 500 of all sites worldwide by traffic.
Detailed design of a section
Person using a MacBook

Challenge & context

The main challenge I took was that the site at that point didn’t had a top-of-funnel experience for corporate customers which is a problem as they make around 50% of the annual revenue. There is a need to add content, pages and provide value and information to corporate customers. In addition, the website’s navigation and structure is non-intuitive, hard to navigate and does not provide value for each unique customer.

Also, the problem was that the website haven’t been modernized and on top of that didn’t look visually appealing.
Collection of Xe Designs

Analysis & Research

My first step was to gather and review information that was provided to me before diving into the project. Despite having a better understanding of Xe's business side, I still had crucial questions at the end. My goal was to find answers by meeting with several business people and asking questions until I felt sufficiently prepared and confident with my knowledge.

In order to optimize the placement of our business-related products, I thoroughly researched successful solutions in the finance and fintech industry. I also familiarized myself with the preferences and expectations our users have given us in the past.
MacBook with Statistics about the website

Improved site structure

It was difficult to find business content before because it was buried among all the personal content, which led to a loss of potential customers.

In order to create a clear path for users, I reworked the site structure, which greatly affected the navbar. A big change is that now there is a switch between personal and business content. You will be able to browse the website more easily if you can see content that matches your purpose for visiting.

Now it was time to decide what kind of content to display for the business navbar and where the focus should be. As a result of speaking with the Product Owner, I determined that the best solution is to group the products and simplify them even further so people can understand what Xe can do for their businesses.
Switch between Personal and Business Navbar
iPhone with mobile menu

New design language

It's the customer's success that has always been at the center of my changes for this. This new tailored experience comes with a visual division between personal and business, making it easier for users to get familiarized quickly. On one site, business content will be branded with a bright & white color scheme, while on the other, personal content will be branded with blue.

It was important to me that the whole company was using this concept, so I scheduled meetings with the marketing department to incorporate these changes into the global CI guidelines. Collaboration with me helped them develop a design language for business marketing campaigns, which they were delighted about.

As a result of the importance that the business gave to the new concept, I presented the concept to all stakeholders and the feedback was generally positive.
Collection of Desktop and Mobile designs

Content slice libary

This idea came to me of creating section-components to streamline the creation of pages, even for those without much figma or design experience. Furthermore, it assured me that all pages created by other departments follow the design language I developed previously.

Initially, I made a list of all the possible sections we will need for our website, and I also consulted with other departments to determine if they have a special need for a certain section. It also gave me a great sense of how we are currently interacting with our users through our homepage.

After completing the list, I began to design section by section, adding variations and properties so users could customize the components precisely to their needs. The process of creating that set of content components is just the beginning, and I know there will be edge cases where people won't be able to adjust my slices to their full satisfaction or when new products require new slices. As a result, everyone understands that if that happens, they can simply come to me for the library to be updated.
Collection of all the slices used in figma
Example of how slices can be adjusted within a few second, animation will be added in the next weeks

Time to improve the implementation process

Having finished the design phase, I met with the Product Owner and we worked on ways to improve the development and rolling out processes. As a result, all the sections I created in Figma are going to be developed for Contenful (CMS-System) with the same variants, which means that people can modify every aspect of the design with just a few clicks.

We like the fact that once those sections are developed, everyone can plug them together and publish them on their own without needing the support of our development team. All images, texts, meta-descriptions can be changed by the individual, within the boundaries of the layout developed.
CMS system that is combined with the designs

Everything comes together

As a result of my work, I was able to create around ten+ different pages, which will be released gradually in the coming months. With major tracking included on all of those pages, I am able to go back and improve each site so we can reach our individual business goals for each product.

My goal was to make the site look more appealing to clients, but most importantly to improve the experience and remove friction.
All the Sections of xe business
MacBook with Xe Business displayed
iPhone mobile design for xe
Some subpages used on the business page
Mobile and Desktop hero used for xe


We saw an increase of almost 200%-300% in unique visitors within a month after launching some of those sites. Moreover, we observed a huge increase in paid customers, which means that people are now more convinced by the content.

Creating a digital content system based on our strategies for the first time was a great opportunity. This content system turned out to be a success, as everybody enjoys the ease of adding new pages without the need for a development background now.
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