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30 Years
Born in
Bavaria, Germany
7+ Years
Based in
Denver, Colorado
Works at
Ria Financial & Xe
Current Role
Sr. Product Designer
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Who is behind Epoca?

My name is Constantin Finkbeiner, I’m an english-german bilingual senior product designer currently based in Denver, Colorado.

I like to design accessible interfaces, making digital products usable for everyone.

Born and raised in a small town near Munich in the beautiful state of Bavaria. I started in web desgn since I was a teenager who grew up playing soccer all day long. From the very beginning I had that facination of what’s the difference between a good and an amazing product.
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What's my status quo?

I’m currently working at Ria Financial & Xe as a senior product designer where I spend my time creating digital products and changing the complete look and feel of the current web enviroment. On previous jobs I was working alongside companies such as Microsoft, Corning, Volkswagen, Audi, Deloitte, Discovery Channel, FedEx, Euronet Worldwide & more.
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Working with clients & companies from all over the world

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